<title>XSL Variation</title>


<p>Stylesheets can format the same page in several different styles.
One view can be a fancy formatted HTML page.  Another can be a plain
printable page.  A third might be a WAP view.  Or you may have
multiple styles for different sections in a site.

<p>The same <a href='../view_source.jsp?xsl/vary.xtp'>XML source</a> of
this page is used to produce two different views:

<li><a href='vary.xml'>fancy formatting</a> 
<li><a href='vary.xml?plain'>plain formatting</a>

<p>The <a
servlet</a> for *.xml files looks for a <var>?plain</var> query string.
The servlet sets the <var>caucho.xsl.stylesheet</var> attribute to <var>plain.xsl</var> or <var>default.xsl</var> and forwards the page to the XTP servlet.
The ?plain query uses plain.xsl.  Anything else uses default.xsl.

<li><a href='../view_source.jsp?xsl/WEB-INF/xsl/plain.xsl'>plain.xsl</a>
<li><a href='../view_source.jsp?xsl/WEB-INF/xsl/default.xsl'>default.xsl</a>
(<a href='../view_source.jsp?xsl/WEB-INF/xsl/copy.xsl'>copy.xsl</a>,
<a href='../view_source.jsp?xsl/WEB-INF/xsl/header.xsl'>header.xsl</a>,