<?xml-stylesheet href='basic.xsl'?>

<title>XSL basic</title>
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<h1>Basic Rewriting</h1>

<a href='../view_source.jsp?xsl/basic.xtp'>This example</a> just
shows adding a simple custom tag to a mostly-JSP example.  
<a href='../view_source.jsp?xsl/WEB-INF/xsl/basic.xsl'>The stylesheet</a> is also
very simple.  It just rewrites the <a> tag.

<p>The XTP source can have JSP, like 2 + 2 = <%= 2 + 2 %>

<p>The only special tag is <a href>, which automatically rewrites the
<a href=foo/> to <a href='<%= response.encodeURL("foo") %>'>