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This is the default index.xtp page for the Resin web server. If you see this page while browsing, it's because the site owner hasn't bothered creating his own home page yet.

Developer Source Licensing

Resin 2.1 is commercial software released under the Caucho Developer Source License. Commercial and other paid users must purchase deployment licenses, allowing us to develop and support the highest quality web application software.

Caucho Technology is committed to providing the best web tools for all developers, from hobbyists to multinational corporations. We've created the Developer Source License to meet that goal. Developer Source is a commercial license that ensures everyone has access to Resin.

For information on deployment licenses, see our sales page.

  • You may use Resin for development, evaluation, and demos.
  • You must to purchase a deployment license if either:
    • You are paid to use Resin.
    • You are paying someone else to use Resin.
  • If no one is paid to use Resin, you may use Resin for deployment:
    • students
    • private use
    • tiny startups with neither funding nor income.
  • Anyone falling in between should contact us for a waiver.
  • Distributors must contact us.
  • If you are allowed to use Resin, you may modify the source for that use.

Congratulations! Resin is working.

Go through the tutorial and read the pages on:

  1. Servlet creation
  2. JSP creation

Some other interesting pages in the documentation:

Questions and Support

A good place to ask questions is the Caucho AutoFAQ.

A resin-interest mailing list is also available. Not every question is answered, but many are and you can learn about clever ways of using Resin by reading it.

To subscribe, send a mail to with the body "subscribe".

You can also subscribe to the resin-interest digest. A new digest is sent every 2 days or so. To subscribe, send a mail to with the body "subscribe".

You can also send bug reports directly

  • Resin Platinum users will receive the highest support, including an email response in one business day and any needed bug fixes within in two weeks.
  • Registered Resin users will receive a priority in email responses and bug reports over questions from non-registered users.
  • Bug reports from non-registered users are always welcome, but support questions will generally be ignored.

See or contact for more information.

  Change Log
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